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Why live auctions are better.

Bidell is a dynamic platform for buying and selling of goods and services which will allow users to instantly list items and services for sale to buyers.

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BidellNow is a real-time platform for buying and selling of goods and services in live instant auctions.

How it works.

Sellers simply list items or services for sale quickly and launch instant auctions for them at any time. These auctions can be run for a limited amount of time and are live. Buyers may enter the auctions at anytime until the auction ends or the item(s) or services are sold. There can be multiple buyers in live auctions at one time. Buyers may purchase the goods or services in the live auction at the sellers price or they may instantly send back counter bids to the seller. Buyers do not see what other buyers in the auction are bidding. Sellers may accept any counter offer of any buyers or bid back their own counter offer. This bidding process can go back and forth between the buyers and seller. The live auction ends when either the seller or a buyer accepts a price or bid, when all items or services in the live auction have been sold or the time for the auction ends.

Seller Platform Buyer Platform

Bidell and BidellNow will forever change how goods and services are bought and sold.

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